When I work I listen to what voice within me asks for a place to go. Consciously I put the intention, the decision and the spirit and then I let go a small unconscious rumor that brings some forms and not others, some images that arise in an irrational way.

The ultimate goal of art must be open in every way so that life can take place.


  • 1995 Taller de Reparaciones. A Coruña
  • 1998 Galería Flassaders. Barcelona
  • 2009 "Deshoras" Hall of the City of A Coruña "Casa de Cultura Salvador de Madariaga"
  • 2011 Gallery Montyarte. Corunna
  • 2016 Exhibition Hall do Municipal Palace. "Light on the eyelids." A Coruña
  • 2016 Gallery Sargadelos. "Light on the eyelids." Ferrol
  • 2016 Chapel of San Roque. Sada
  • 2021 Espazo de arte de Roberto Verino. “Humo”. Ourense.


  • 1997 Young Women Area. Itinerant. Galicia
  • 2000 Space Pere Pruna. Barcelona
  • 2002 Dome of Venus. Barcelona
  • 2002 Emschertal Museum. Herne. Alemania
  • 2012 Gallery Eat Meat Barcelona. Exposure: Libido
  • Ephemeral Perspectives Festival 2013 Women 2013 Women's University Philosophy and Lyrics
  • 2017 "Unconsciously" Platform 14. A Coruna
  • 2018 "A stone's throw" College of Physicians. A Coruña
  • 2019 Galería Visol. “Elas” Ourense.
  • 2021 Kiosco Alfonso. “Arte en corentena”. A Coruña


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